Myanmar Chinese strategic door

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Of all my world travels, never I was so relaxed, quiet and near to full happiness then travelling in Myanmar. The thousands of gold painted pagodas, already welcoming you from the plane view, the magnificent river Irrawaddy, flowing as a majestic aristocrat through a spectacular nature for 2200km full of ships, the romantic lakes, everything […] Read more


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E’ piuttosto singolare che l’impresa, le organizzazioni in cui trascorriamo la gran parte della nostra vita, il management su cui si pubblicano migliaia di discutibili riflessioni e metodologie di lavoro, non siano frequenti ambienti di vita per i narratori, gli scrittori di romanzi, per non parlare dei giornalisti. Nei romanzi, ma anche al cinema, gli […] Read more


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Alexander Platz, the Alfred Doeblin observatory of its unforgettable 1930 novel Berliner Alexander Platz, representing the never sleeping city of those times and a lot of small characters of Berlin life, it’s now a hub of poor immigrants and dropouts, moving in the night around the Soviet tower, and the near Karl Marx Allee with […] Read more

4 Scenarios for Baltics

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Baltic States are on the front of this tragic European war and the internal debate is very hot, so as the discrimination of the important Russian speaking minorities present on these territories and the immigration flows from Ukraine. But most important should be to create team working of their best minds to think how to […] Read more


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Russian Federation, 17million square km (1,7 times USA), about 140 million inhabitants, is the largest State in the world, even after the dissolution of Soviet Union, which was quite bigger with 22 million square km and 286 million of inhabitants. Today the Federation has 21 states, versus 42 in SSSR, and being so large, with […] Read more


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Geopolitic proposed the Eurafrica concepts in the 20ties of last century, mainly through Germany’s geographer Haushofer, and French and English scientists. In Italy from the main geopolitical school of Trieste, Ernesto Massi and others. The basic idea was that America and Asia were markets for European export, but the best situation of complementarity between two […] Read more


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Hundred and fifty years after Harlford Mackinder the “heartland” is here very present and vital, Eurasia seems to be the main actor of future order. Russia/Ukraina war accelerated the trend toward a new world order more balanced between less developed world and the traditional EuroAtlantic rich club, The weaknesses of EU community, never building a […] Read more


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Continuing our upside-down vision of the world, Antarctic instead of Artic, we find a “second ring” of countries, acquiring now a primary role in the new order of world government: Brazil, Angola, Mozambico, Central Africa area, Indonesia, not so familiar to the mainstream newspapers and media. Brazil remember a famous joke: “Brazil has enormous future, […] Read more


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Due to the accelerated world order change, we must start to look at the world from Antarctica, leaving the more classical North Pole view, in any case more correct then Mercatore perspective in mapping the planet. The last one is reducing size of Africa continent and expand European one. Looking from Antarctica we find on […] Read more

Taiwan:big China or little Japan?

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The beautiful Governor Palace, Japanese colonial style, a bit German with its central Tower, welcome tourists in Taipei, focusing immediately our memory on 1895-1945 Japanese occupation. The name of Taipei was Taihoku, district of Japan. Notwithstanding the Chinese continue declaration of Taiwan pertaining to China, the island was Chinese only from 1875 to 1895, first […] Read more