Along geopolitical fracture lines in Caucasus

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Armenia-Azerbaijan, a manual case. Caucasus is one of the region most interesting of the world for a curious of Geopolitics. With 40 etnic groups , 50 languages, various religions, long history of conflicts, this beautiful region on the North and on the South of these majestic mountains and forest is crossed by hundreds of fracture […] Read more

Hungary:deep roots to the future.

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A memorable movie of Miklos Jancso, The horse Army of 1967, opened my soul to Hungarian legendary courage and cavalry traditions. Moved from those emotions I always paid attentions to Hungary, discovering along my life how much we Italians have in common with that history and culture. A small people of asiatic origin isolated in […] Read more

More bananas in European basket (or strawberries?)

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In 1989 a group of French geographers defined the concept of a BLUE BANANA crossing from North to South Europe, concentrating population and GDP, about 120 million inhabitants and 80% of European GDP.From Central England to North of Italy this banana, blue because of color of European flag, was expressing in a geopolitical way the […] Read more

India-China alpine war(15-18 type)

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Immagine 4000km of borders, 7000 m. peaks and deep valley quite inhabited, British elegant officers tracing borders in 1841 between Tibet and India, yaks around eating stones, you will be near to the scenario of this mountain eternal war from 1962 between the two Asia giants. After the Tibet occupation from China, Nehru said that […] Read more


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U-kraina means “on the border” and never a name of a country expressed so completely its destiny. On the border of major empires, Austro-Hungarian and Poland on the West, Russia on the East, Mongols and Turks on the South. On the border of independence, so many times hoped, and always in danger. On the border […] Read more


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The present pandemic situation originated by Chinese Covid19 virus is certainly not new in world history and many times has been forecasted as a possible collateral effect of globalisation, which acts as an accelerator in a pandemic high speed diffusion. Also Bill Gates converted from technology guru to philanthropic major operator, from 2010 has been […] Read more

EU roots are in Prague

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In the winter night the castle of Prague and St. Vitus cathedral are a lamp of pure light in the transparent air. The antennas of Tynska church transmit old prayers to sky. Vltava waters run quietly under Karlov bridge and brilliant Beethoven music diffuses out of Rudolfinum. And you go with your mind to Wallenstein […] Read more

Bye, Bye, Great Britain.

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To walk in a green valley of Whales, dreaming Britons of Boudicca celtic queen attacking Roman legions. To dream in Stonehenge old astronomic researches.To look to the North from Roman walls defining borders with Scotland (Pitti tribes), feeling around you phantoms of legionaries, with a kind gentleman saying to you “You can be proud of […] Read more


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Chinese investments in Africa have attracted more attention then other world areas activities of China, but it’s really a dangerous strategy for Western World? In this paper we will examine again on geopolitical basis this situation. Africa was well known to Chinese exploration of the world with merchant and military fleet from 200 b.C to […] Read more


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Some months ago we discussed the role of Austrian-Unghary empire and the vacuum left in Central Europe after its disappearing at the end of WW1, originating a lot of the following problems. Now, considering the present attention of international media on Turkey- Siria affair, we want to remember and discuss the role of Ottoman Empire, […] Read more