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Geopolitical positioning of Italy indicates clearly opportunities and threats for its Strategic Policy: this sort of pier in Mediterranean sea, air carrier or bridge between continental Europe and Africa, was becoming very rich when all their neighbours were rich markets, being a crossing point among North, South, East and West. That was the Roman Empire […] Read more

Chinese “fiestas” in South America

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41-25-9, the billions sequence in Chinese investments respectively in Africa, Europe and South America in the last decade. The fiesta trend is more recent but consistent in recent years, confirming the strategy of USA leadership substitution in a bipolar world. And the last step is exactly in the USA courtyard, from the Monroe doctrine of […] Read more

India, a geopolitical bulwark.

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India is a geopolitical bulwark, a bastion against radical Islamism, Chinese new imperialism, authoritarian governments in Southern Asia. Indian subcontinent, mother of first European immigrants, became a crosspoint of civilisations and religions along its long history, keeping on its specifications of a big country with million small communities very self governing and discussing, probably the […] Read more

G7(G8),G20…….G3 (G4)….G2

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G7 was already a G6 (USA,Japan,Germany,UK,France,Italy) plus Canada starting in 1986 and grouping the winners in World War 2 with the Roberto (Rome, Berlin, Tokyo) losers, but very well developed around 40 years of peace after the war. Joining Canada, the club was controlling about 60% of world GDP. The illusion of a world government […] Read more

Neural system and blood circulation for China leadership

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USA got the stomach for its leadership roots: from chocolate distributed by soldiers on tanks during freedom war, to Coca Cola, from Mc Donald to cheese cake, but also American pizzas. Soviet Union couldn’t offer consumer products to remember and lost the cold war. China products are cheap and low quality, good for internal market, […] Read more


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In the vaste square in front of the sea of Plymouth, stands the grandiose monument to a pirate, then becoming a Lord, Francis Drake, who with its ships destroyed with his raids the empirial Spanish fleet full of gold from South America. All the city is a monument to English virtues and character, fully destroyed […] Read more

Looking to World Change trhough Biennale Architecture Trend

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Venice Architecture Biennale is one of the rare moments to have the World cultural trend in Italy in front of you. More than painting Art, Architecture is a true synthesis of so many economic, social, fashion and of course design trend, that gives us a quite complete foto of reality and its change process in […] Read more


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The geo-strategic positioning of Italy is to be a crosspoint between North and South and Eats and West. When these territories and markets are rich, Italy is rich, as in Roman time. The unification process was politically influenced by France and UK, so Italy lost its competence on Asia, concentrated in Venice Republic, and started […] Read more


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Geopolitical classical pressures return in today’s Europe. Klemens Von Metternich balancing of powers vision during 1815 Vienna Congress, so frequently remembered by Henry Kissinger work and studies, seem to be once again valid to reorganise a region returning to nationalistic policies, after substantial failing of the Federation Project. And the most important weakness in the […] Read more

Balkans Geopolitical pressures and tensions.

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In the years 1987-89, I was teaching management with one of my brilliant junior consultant in Honeywell plants in Jugoslavia in the cities of Nis in the South, Skopije region, Petrovaradin , Novi Sad area, and others places in Voivodina near to Hungary. Everything was ok, the young managers-students, the environment, the exquisite hospitality and […] Read more