Notwithstanding European Logistics, China is coming

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OBOR, One Belt One Road, is now renamed BRI, Belt Road Initiative, for a better explanation to Western world, but it remains THE PLAN which our and next generations will refer to as a corner stone in world development. After the second world war Europe remembers the Marshall plan, to rebuild countries and their infrastructures […] Read more

Geopolitical Coherence of Russian Strategy

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Halford John Mackinder introduced in 1904 the pillar of modern Geopolitic, presenting in its paper  “The Geographical Pivot of History” the concept of “heartland”, the large Central Asia space included from Artic Sea to Tibet, from Bering passage to Central Europe. After defining the economic, logistic, geographical configuration and their enormous potential for the dominant […] Read more


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The recommendation to be GLOCAL very frequently used in the last century, has been not too often applied in management. Managerial schools insist on Global Strategic Models, generally coming out of USA culture and easily diffused in the Anglo-sphere, but with the reshuffling process of power balance in the world, also these basic paradigms must […] Read more

Reengineering Italy

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It’s time to think, it’s time to be prepositive, it’s time to reengineering Italian economy, but also its culture. instead of the continuous political chatting without any content except power, power, power, it’s time to apply seriously to an effort of reengineering Italian economy, particularly the structure of industrial economy. From one side we have […] Read more


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First time it happened to me in Turkey, during a vacation maybe in 1975. I was sitting in a small open air cinema of a village along the coast, news were passing on the screen about Cyprus crisis, and a young man sitting near asked to me “What is Italy thinking about Cyprus situation?” I […] Read more

But Italy is farther

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Writing an article in 1998, whose title was “Two years to 2000”, I was stressing the need of building an European logistic network, based on roads and railways, already extended not only until Kiev, like the poor TEN projects, but definitely aimed to Caspian area through South Russia. The direction should have been Rostov na […] Read more

Fintech,from ICT as infrastructure to new business model creation

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Europe as we were dreaming of

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Land is slowly becoming water in Mecklemburg fields, under the shadow of the Schwerin phantastic castle. Scania blue lakes touch gently old romanic monastery. English cathedrals flower their columns in the roof. Lille dances in her rococo architecture. Spanish meseta give place to imperial ambitions. Rome embraces pilgrims with his baroque church. Prague castle symbolises […] Read more

The augmented Supply Chain

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La Cina è più vicina

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