Ottoman octopus move its legs.

In October 2017 I was writing a contribution on Turkey geopolitics, you can find it in this blog, which I am very proud of. Why? Because all my considerations about the historical roots of Turkish culture, one of the most important Roman heritage in Mediterranean, and its possible projection have been confirmed in these 4,5 years of time. After the myopia of EU in rejecting Turkey entering in the Community, mostly from France negative position, and probably because of this mistake and major freedom of political initiative, Turkish octopus, the form of Ottoman Empire, extended its legs along the old roads of glory. With an ambiguous foreign policy, where Italy was master until Berlusconi governments, Turkey is a main member of OTAN, but developed fruitful relationships with Russia, very useful to peace in this Western World war attitude supporting Ukrainian and under evaluating Moscow. The old sophisticated diplomacy of the Sublime Door, moves rapid and flexible among Israel and Saudi Arabia, getting loans from Gulf States and positioning for leadership in its historical sea before Suez channel. All attempts of USA to block Turkey from financial side, promoting inflation on energy imports and consumer goods, in any case cautious because Turkish Army is the second most important for OTAN, or sanctioning weapon import (F 35) because of Russian preference on S-400 rockets, didn’t stop the determination of the country to find its way to the future. So a country defined various times in the mainstream media as in default, tripled its GDP in ten years, reached the higher figures in export of its history, 255 billion $ in 2023, grew in population until 86 million and overpassed Italy in GDP per capita in PPP, around 37000$ this year. Military strategy is as brilliant as economic one, retaking Libya, the origin of defeat from Italy in 1911, followed by the Serbian and Bulgarian attack to Empire. Controlling Cyprus North , Turkey created a sea controlled area connecting Libya and Turkey, through Cyprus, trhreatening ENI activity. This is the North African leg of Ottoman Empire, than the Red Sea leg starting from the feet in Somalia and coming up, keeping relationships with Saudi and Israel, a bit more difficult rivalry with Iran, other regional power with high ambition on Central Asia. Other leg to Azerbaijan, through support in the Nagorno war with Armenia, controlling all real estate business and consumer market in this Turkish speaking country. Other leg to Balkans, the traditional area of Ottoman domination, read Albanian writer Ismail Kadare’ ” The drums of rain”. The brain/head of the octopus is in Black Sea control, which historically created all the wars with Russia, now friendly supplier of gas and oil trough a network of tube, giving to Turkish geopolitical positioning all the necessary blood. Mediating between Ukraine and Russia during the current war, Turkey keeps the leadership on the Balck Sea. The head is expanding also to South, controlling large part of Syria northern and Kurd territory. Economically Turkey is also pushed by tourists, reaching 30 millions, and creating new good relationships with the traditional enemy, Greece, for a better development of the hundreds islands between the two OTAN countries. All these indicators give a measure of the deep structural roots of this people, of which capabilities and determination testimony were also the results of German economic miracle of ’60s and ’70s, with 5 million Turkish workers in the factories, transferring technology and culture back to motherland. It’s time of return to history notwithstanding USA woke culture, and history repeats itself in people and nations proud of its heritage and conscious of their capabilities. Ottoman octopus will grow further overcoming attempts to create chaos with islamic movements remembering the Obama’s welcomed ‘Arab springs’ strategy, used from USA to keep on their leadership in Middle East.