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Notwithstanding European Logistics, China is coming

Posted by: Massimo Merlino in Logistica

OBOR, One Belt One Road, is now renamed BRI, Belt Road Initiative, for a better explanation to Western world, but it remains THE PLAN which our and next generations will refer to as a corner stone in world development. After the second world war Europe remembers the Marshall plan, to rebuild countries and their infrastructures […] Read more

Geopolitical Coherence of Russian Strategy

Posted by: Massimo Merlino in geopolitic

Halford John Mackinder introduced in 1904 the pillar of modern Geopolitic, presenting in its paper ¬†“The Geographical Pivot of History” the concept of “heartland”, the large Central Asia space included from Artic Sea to Tibet, from Bering passage to Central Europe. After defining the economic, logistic, geographical configuration and their enormous potential for the dominant […] Read more