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EU roots are in Prague

Posted by: Massimo Merlino in Culture

In the winter night the castle of Prague and St. Vitus cathedral are a lamp of pure light in the transparent air. The antennas of Tynska church transmit old prayers to sky. Vltava waters run quietly under Karlov bridge and brilliant Beethoven music diffuses out of Rudolfinum. And you go with your mind to Wallenstein […] Read more

Bye, Bye, Great Britain.

Posted by: Massimo Merlino in Varie

To walk in a green valley of Whales, dreaming Britons of Boudicca celtic queen attacking Roman legions. To dream in Stonehenge old astronomic researches.To look to the North from Roman walls defining borders with Scotland (Pitti tribes), feeling around you phantoms of legionaries, with a kind gentleman saying to you “You can be proud of […] Read more