Bye, Bye, Great Britain.

To walk in a green valley of Whales, dreaming Britons of Boudicca celtic queen attacking Roman legions. To dream in Stonehenge old astronomic researches.To look to the North from Roman walls defining borders with Scotland (Pitti tribes), feeling around you phantoms of legionaries, with a kind gentleman saying to you “You can be proud of what your ancestors made here”. To see thermal water flowing as yesterday in the Bath Roman spa. To visit so many unforgettable Gothic cathedrals, from Durham, to York, from Salisbury to Exeter, where you ask to yourself, tasting beautiful cakes, why Englishmen travel abroad to look for art.To look at nature in Cornwalls coasts. To visit in Plymouth the Drake monument, waiting for the Invincible Armada from Spain or suffering the German bombs during the war. These and so many other emotions lived in Great Britain are so present in my mind in this day of divorce from EU.

And the culture, the unique Universities, the Golden Mile in Edimborough where modern economy and philosophy were born in so small area, London old and future finance capital, Shakespeare and his old theater. Everything I remember today and so clear to my mind: we in EU will be orphan of all that and much more other basics pillar of Europe civilisation.

Not forgetting the military contribution to two world war and to atomic defence in the cool war and today. The ideas and practice of freedom at every level, so far from continental history of totalitarian regimes and oppressive religions, conditioning your life from the primary schools.Italy owes its creation as a nation to Great Britain support and policy against Absburg empire in Central Europe and defending its role in the Mediterranean see. Along history our disgraces came when we abandoned this friendship to accept German ignorance and arrogance, finishing to be dominated and destroyed also within EU from French and German policies, having very limited and protectionist visions.

Europe can’t be builded culturally and economically without Great Britain, we are loosing intelligence, science, research, civilisation and military strength. The residual EU will not survive to this divorce: the important differences toward the past experiences between East and West, the low level of investments, the horrible educational system situation, the political correct obsessions, the weak capability of growing children, the demographic trends, the immigration mismanaging, the military status, all the variables are negative after 75 years from the war. The speed of growing of the new sino-american world, the totalitarian Russia, the Arab power, the African and South American troubles need other culture and competencies to be governed. Great Britain tries to seat at the right tables to contribute to world governance, EU becomes a silos of old people and africans, without ambitions to contribute to world progress and civilisation development.

Italy should be monitoring the new balanced world order with a lot of brain power and Venetian diplomacy, ready to pick the new opportunities which are looked at from Great Britain, supported by Commonwealth nations and USA, to create new political and economic spaces to escape from this economic and also moralistic prison , totally suffocating our natural qualities and historic experiences. Entrepreneurs should help this process which is the only hope for restarting our growth.