EU roots are in Prague

In the winter night the castle of Prague and St. Vitus cathedral are a lamp of pure light in the transparent air. The antennas of Tynska church transmit old prayers to sky. Vltava waters run quietly under Karlov bridge and brilliant Beethoven music diffuses out of Rudolfinum. And you go with your mind to Wallenstein and Swedish soldiers attacking the city never taken. Everything started here and after thirty years of war of everyone against everyone, an exhausted Europe established the final order with Westfalia peace in 1648. After the big empires of the past, this new equilibrium among new started nations seemed to be the rock on which continue to build until the present EU. But nothing happened and the process repeated in 1945, when an Europe originator and destroyed by two world war, restarted the peace process through a new pact among their nations.

Prague has written in its precious architectures and buildings, and also in its jewish cemeteries, all the heritage of a true European culture from extreme North to Southern countries in a unique mix very balanced historically. Instead of studying many historical partisan books, instead of looking at social fakes and massive TV low level histories, all the young people should visit Prague, going deeply in its old streets, breathing Europe from the stones, acknowledging North and South culture stereotypes and overcoming them through the impressive beauty and high level of richness coming from integrated roots, promoted from the beginning by Charles IV of Luxembourg, first sacred Roman Empire emperor to choose Prague as capital of Europe. From Karl to Charles V of Absburg, Italians, Spanish, Netherlanders, Germans came to Prague contributing in harmonic way to its present beauty.

And Europe can really exist only in this perspective, with a deep cultural revolution overcoming stereotypes continuously re-emerging from North to South, from East to West. Only the stones of Prague express a superior synthesis true European to a new society building, going further toward a new big tower like these of Middleage designed and realised with a paritetic contribution of all the Europeans. Only the stones of Prague can be the true roots of a modern Europe attracting other big non-westfalen empires like China or Saudi Arabia through deep respects of its enormous and unique civilisation. Unifying finance and economics would be a consequence not a preliminary step like in the process started in 1945, which has resulted in the present big crisis and unbearable Brexit process.

Rethinking Europe architecture from Prague architecture: we should close our governments in the castle of Prague to think seriously on what are we doing in this area and how we position in a turbo running world with 4 billion people in Asia and a potential of 2 in next Africa. Other discussions are peanuts, geopolitical strategy should have maximum priority and the Prague history and crosspoint of religions, philosophies and political cultures of Europe should inspire a lot, as it has for my personal thinking. Beethoven concert for piano and orchestra this evening is extremely Southern in its rhythm and color notwithstanding the main stereotypes and cultural fractures have been builded in its century. People around me quite totally nordic and central European vibes like in a Naples or Roman night. Europe is here all around me, like Charles V was looking at it moving continuously from country to country by horse. Europe exists very strongly, but not in Brussel or Strasbourg, in the stones and music of Prague, sleeping under the sky, guarded by the beautiful castle.