“Too many tangos in Buenos Ayres”, says to me a young Brazilian guide in beautiful Iguazù cascade area. I remember this statement because in its simplicity it’s true, There’s something hypnotic in the national music of Argentina, sad, nostalgic as an Italian immigrant could be, sensually danced but not energetic toward a nice future. Argentina is a wonderful country large as western Europe, with an astonishing nature from tropics to artics, mountains, rivers, fertile plains, 5000 km of maritime coasts with a lot of animal species. And economically rich, one of the largest meat producers in the world, with abundant crude oil in Patagonia, top wines, nice beauties for tourism, long and interesting history of independence, good quality of human resources immigrated from Italy and Spain mainly , but also from Eastern Europe. The country attracted a lot of British investment in the railways and harbours at the beginning of last century, when Buenos Ayres was rich and brilliant like a Paris of South America, as its ‘900 architecture show also today.

This enormously high potential country, after the peak of richness during the neutrality in the second world war (in 1947 the change with Italian lira was 700 Lit per peso, like with dollar), is cyclically involved in economic big crisis, until the present recession from COVID. Permanently unstable, from Peron dictatorship to military government and at least to democracy of the last twenty years, with powerful Unions and diffused leftist ideologies, like Italy, only for short periods trying to participate to world globalisation, Argentina performs under any reasonable level, considering its potential. Speaking about meat excellent production, you can compare its results with those of New Zealand , another champion in the field. Argentina has been ruined fro EU creation, banning with taxes its export to European countries, tried to export to Russia, but at the end meat prices went down and they use it only in internal market. Who loves meat can eat a very good and cheap steak in local restaurants! Farmers have been ruined. If you look to New Zealand after UK entering in EU, a few months after they were supplying all the consumption of Japan, and growing deers for German market. So Argentina is miss-managed from a political class moving very slowly toward the new needs of the world, not trusting in their own money, exporting richness to Switzerland or UK, with inadequate international and financial culture.

Of course also big mistakes have been done from the potential partners in USA and Europe, under-evaluating the potential of this country and its geopolitical strategic positioning toward Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and South Pole continent. Once again China is very active within its 30 years systematic planning: they established in this COVID period a big space base in Nequem, Patagonia, over 200 hectares of territory, helping with a swap of 18 billion $ the central Bank and its crisis, and building in about 50 million $ of structures, apparently scientific to observe the hidden face of moon. Some critics appeared in USA media, but no important counter measures have been taken and the basis is quite ready. Most important China takes initiative toward Argentina and that geo-strategic location in a full economic crisis, wich pushed the country to accept this strange cooperation. Argentina continues to cry instead of being happy, and its potential friends don’t understand its value.