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For forty years I tried to look at Logistics as a Strategic asset and wrote quite 400 articles to give to top managers the feeling of the importance of what they thought only regarding warehouses and cost of transport to minimise. Now with war, supply chain disruption and enormous Chinese investments on the new silk […] Read more


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Light is beautiful in Kirkenes bay, but more interesting the small Museum of this Norwegian small city on Barents Sea. You can look at history of this area during the second world war, when 100000 German troops were disembarking for occupying the iron mining rich asset of the city, which was totally destroyed. Being at […] Read more

Notwithstanding European Logistics, China is coming

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OBOR, One Belt One Road, is now renamed BRI, Belt Road Initiative, for a better explanation to Western world, but it remains THE PLAN which our and next generations will refer to as a corner stone in world development. After the second world war Europe remembers the Marshall plan, to rebuild countries and their infrastructures […] Read more

But Italy is farther

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Writing an article in 1998, whose title was “Two years to 2000”, I was stressing the need of building an European logistic network, based on roads and railways, already extended not only until Kiev, like the poor TEN projects, but definitely aimed to Caspian area through South Russia. The direction should have been Rostov na […] Read more

The augmented Supply Chain

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La Cina è più vicina

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